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Robbery is a crime that involves taking another person’s property by physical force, violence or threats. Depending on whether the offender carried or used a weapon or deadly weapon, they may face varying degrees of criminal charges for robbery. This offense may be considered both a violent crime and a theft crime and is typically a felony in Florida.

If you are facing robbery charges in Tallahassee, you may be at risk of years of imprisonment, in addition to heavy fines. The burden of living with a conviction on your criminal record can have detrimental results on employment, educational, financial and housing opportunities. If you have been accused of robbery, do not hesitate to contact Jansen & Davis, P.A.. With over 70 years of combined experience, we can help you overcome these difficult charges.

Florida Robbery Statutes § 812.13

Florida’s robbery statute is detailed in § 812.13. It involves theft by means of fear, force, or violence. Robbery involves stealing directly from a person, as opposed to theft when the rightful owner is not present. “Robbery” means the taking of money or other property which may be the subject of larceny from the person or custody of another, with intent to either permanently or temporarily deprive the person or the owner of the money or other property, when in the course of the taking there is the use of force, violence, assault, or putting in fear.

Robbery with the use of a deadly weapon is a first-degree felony, while robbery without the use of a deadly weapon is a felony of the second degree. First-degree felonies in Florida can yield life sentences in prison.

Contacting A Tallahassee Criminal Attorney

Involving a criminal attorney who is experienced in challenging robbery charges is essential if you or someone you know has been accused of or arrested for this crime. This also applies if you are currently the subject of a criminal investigation involving robbery, as you may be at risk of facing formal charges in the near future.

It is also very important to understand that no one will be completely on your side, with the exception of your lawyer. Having a knowledgeable attorney from Jansen & Davis, P.A., can make all the difference in avoiding maximum penalties or a conviction altogether.

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