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Becoming Familiar With The DUI Process

Individuals who are charged with drunk driving in Tallahassee often come to our law office asking questions about the DUI process and what they can expect to happen over the course of their case. Here our attorneys provide an outline of the Florida DUI process. If you would like further information about your specific situation, or need legal guidance from a skilled lawyer, we urge you to speak with a Tallahassee DUI attorney at our law firm as soon as possible.

The Stop And Arrest

Sometimes an officer may stop a driver for a minor traffic offense such as speeding, and then upon meeting the driver become suspicious of DUI. Other times, erratic driving patterns may indicate that a driver is intoxicated, and an officer will then stop the person. After obtaining probable cause, either through a field sobriety test or a breath or blood test, the officer will place the driver under arrest for DUI.


The booking process is where one is processed and will likely have to spend at least the night in jail. This is where your case becomes formal, and the state then knows that an arraignment will take place in the coming months. Bail will then be set and the suspect permitted to speak with a bonding company, friend or relative to make bail.

During the booking process, a person will be:

  • Searched
  • Fingerprinted
  • Questioned
  • Photographed
  • Placed into a jail cell


Florida law designates that a person arrested for DUI must be held in custody for at least 8 hours before they can be released. Once a person is no longer impaired by alcohol or drugs, they can be released through posting a bond or on their own recognizance. If you refused to take a blood or breath test, your license will be suspended. If you did submit to a test, your citation will act as a temporary driver’s license to last only for 10 days until a DMV hearing. You must request a DMV hearing within 10 days of being arrested, otherwise your license will be automatically suspended.

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