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Trusted Defense Against Federal Money Laundering Charges

It is a primary goal of many criminal organizations to generate profits, but when they achieve this, it becomes necessary to hide the illegal source of the income; otherwise, federal agencies may become alerted to the illegal activity taking place. Money laundering is the process of disguising criminal proceeds from their illegal origins, and is utilized by individuals and criminal organizations throughout Florida and the rest of the United States.

Money laundering is a federal offense, and if you or someone you love has been charged with this crime, you are involved in a very serious situation, and you need to find an attorney right away.

Other Crimes Associated With Money Laundering

Because money laundering tends to be an afterthought or necessity after obtaining large amounts of money through other illegal means, patterns can usually be identified in common areas of illegal activity.

Our firm may be able to help you if your money laundering is related to:

  • Illegal arms sales
  • Smuggling
  • Drug trafficking
  • Embezzlement
  • Insider trading
  • Bribery
  • Fraud

By carefully and thoroughly investigating your case, and piecing together evidence that might help you, your attorney will work hard to come up with an effective defense to your money laundering charges in an effort to have the federal charges reduced or dismissed.

Securing Your Experienced Defense

At Jansen & Davis, P.A., our lawyers represent people who are under investigation for money laundering or who have already been charged. Money laundering is a complex process and will typically be investigated for many months before formal charges are ever filed.

As soon as you suspect you are under investigation for money laundering in Tallahassee, you should call a federal criminal defense lawyer to make sure your rights are protected. Being proactive in a situation like this could benefit your case in the future, so we urge you to act before it is too late.

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