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Challenging Field Sobriety Tests In Tallahassee

At the law offices of Jansen & Davis, P.A., we provide representation to individuals in Tallahassee for a number of DUI-related issues, including field sobriety tests. Field sobriety tests are a way for a police officer to quickly determine whether or not a driver may be under the influence of alcohol while in the field.

In order to place someone under arrest for drunk driving, the police officer must first obtain probable cause. If a person performs poorly during a field sobriety test, it will give the officer probable cause to suspect them of being intoxicated, and they will most likely be placed under arrest for DUI shortly thereafter.

How Reliable Are Field Sobriety Tests?

Field sobriety tests are not 100% accurate, and there are certain factors to make these tests questionable. Challenge the results of your field sobriety test, call our defense attorneys today to discuss your options!

Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus

The officer will position an object in front of the driver’s face and move the object from side to side while watching the subject’s eyes. The officer is looking to see rapid or involuntary eye movement, but involuntary eyeball movement can occur as a symptom of an illness, such as vertigo or even eye strain.

The Walk And Turn

The suspected drunk driver is expected to walk heel-to-toe to a point, turn around and walk back on that same line. It’s to test balance, but again, individual physiological factors can make this test unfair. If the driver is elderly, has back or middle ear issues, the driver could appear drunk, when they simply are without the ability to perform the test.

The One-Leg Stand

This is when the officer asks the drunk driving suspect to stand on one leg with their arms out to the side. This also is to test balance and coordination, but physiological as well as environmental ones can make this test unfair. For example, if the suspect is expected to pull this off on a wet or steep road, the results of the test should be rendered inconclusive.

Working With The Best In The Industry

The accuracy of field sobriety tests is a topic that is frequently disputed in courtrooms across Florida. Some individuals believe that even sober people sometimes have difficulty performing the actions of field sobriety tests. If you performed a field sobriety test, you need an experienced Tallahassee DUI lawyer to make sure the results of this test will not be used as evidence to convict you of DUI.

To learn more about field sobriety tests and how these may affect your case, contact a Tallahassee DUI attorney at the law offices of Jansen & Davis, P.A., today. Call 850-641-8739 to schedule your free consultation.