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Defending Florida State University Students Against Criminal Charges

Between student codes of conduct, academic honor codes, residence hall regulations, and regular criminal offenses, college students can end up facing many types of legal trouble. All FSU students are subject to regulations and codes of the school. A violation of a state law or university rule could result in expulsion, suspension, probation, termination of a housing contract, failure of an academic course, or even criminal penalties.

If you or your child is a student at Florida State University, and you need a criminal defense lawyer to handle a specific legal situation related to the school, you should contact Jansen & Davis, P.A.. Our attorneys provide legal assistance to students at Florida State University for a number of different cases, therefore no matter what your specific circumstance, schedule a consultation with an FSU criminal defense lawyer to find out how we can improve your situation.

We help students of Florida State University with issues including, but not limited to:

Whether you are a local FSU student or a concerned parent, we are here to provide legal guidance backed by experience. With over 70 years of combined experience, our attorneys will aggressively defend your rights and future. When your future is in jeopardy, we will stand by your side.

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