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Protect Your Rights Against Federal Bank Robbery Charges

When a person uses force or the threat of force to take property or money from a federally funded financial institution such as a bank, credit union or loan association, they can be charged with bank robbery. Bank robbery is a serious federal crime that will result in harsh penalties if convicted.

Bank robberies are usually violent crimes and may involve the use of weapons, so gun offenses often come hand-in-hand with bank robbery charges. If you are charged with a gun offense and bank robbery, you will face increased penalties, so it is especially important for you to hire an attorney who will help fight these charges.

What To Expect In The Courtroom

Whether you are under investigation for bank robbery or have already been formally charged, a Tallahassee federal criminal attorney can help you. A lawyer can be very helpful to you during an investigation because they can make sure your rights are protected. Federal investigators are known for being very, very thorough, and they will go to almost any length to obtain incriminating evidence, even if it means violating a person’s constitutional rights.

Your attorney will constantly be on the lookout for indications of rights violations, and should they have any reason to believe that investigators violated your rights they will hold the investigators responsible for their actions. When evidence is obtained illegally, the courts may deem the evidence as inadmissible so that it will not be held against you. This could potentially ruin the prosecution’s case against you and could help win your case.

Bank Robbery Defense Attorneys Serving Tallahassee

If you or a loved one has been charged with bank robbery, you need the best attorney you can find. Between security cameras, silent alarms, marked bills, and locator devices, it is very easy for a person to end up being convicted of this offense, so you will need a defense lawyer who can work to find ways of proving your innocence.

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