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Fighting Against Federal Counterfeiting Charges In Tallahassee

At the law offices of Jansen & Davis, P.A., our lawyers handle a wide array of federal crimes, including counterfeiting. Federal law prohibits counterfeiting or forging many different items, including securities and public records, ranging from currency and coins to postage stamps. If you have been charged with counterfeiting in Tallahassee, a lawyer from our firm can provide you with the aggressive representation you will need to overcome these charges.

Whether you are under investigation for counterfeiting or have already been formally charged, it is important that you take action immediately to begin protecting your rights and your freedom.

If you have been charged with counterfeiting any of the following types of items, you should speak with a Tallahassee federal criminal lawyer as soon as possible:

  • Currency and coins
  • Postage stamps
  • Meter stamps
  • State and private securities
  • Lending agency notes and obligations
  • Federal contractor bonds
  • Contracts
  • Visas and entry documents
  • Customs documents
  • Military passes and permits
  • Money orders
  • Court, department and agency seals

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In many situations involving counterfeiting, lengthy and tedious investigations will take place, sometimes months before formal charges are ever actually filed. If you have any reason to believe that you are being investigated for counterfeiting, it is imperative that you hire a Tallahassee federal criminal lawyer as soon as possible. Without the proper defense, you could be facing lengthy prison sentences and significant fines.

Having a lawyer to represent you during these early stages will do a great deal to help the future outcome of your case. An attorney will take defensive measures to prevent investigators from finding evidence and will begin preparing an effective defense to your charges.

To learn more about federal counterfeiting charges, contact a Tallahassee federal criminal attorney at Jansen & Davis, P.A., today. Call 850-641-8739 to get started.