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Did You Get A DUI In Tallahassee While Visiting From Out Of State?

With its pleasant year-round temperature and coastlines of beautiful beaches, Florida is a favorite vacation spot for many people throughout the United States. With the high volume of tourists entering Florida at various times of the year, it is not surprising that many people from out of state end up being charged with DUI while on vacation.

Whether you are a college student who had a little too much fun over Spring Break, or a parent who simply had a few glasses of wine with dinner, a Tallahassee DUI attorney can help you with out of state DUI charges.

Protecting Your Rights Across State Lines

When a person is arrested and charged with drunk driving in a place that is not their home state, the situation will need to be dealt with accordingly. Situations involving out of state DUI charges can be complex and confusing, due to the fact that you are dealing with two different states, each having their own sets of laws about DUI offenses.

Due to the Interstate Driver’s License Compact, which almost all states in the U.S. belong to, information regarding a person’s driving record will be shared between states. This means that more likely than not, you will face consequences not only in Florida, but in your home state as well, the most common being the suspension of your driver’s license. If you want to increase your chances of retaining your driving privileges in your home state following a DUI arrest in Florida, you will need a Tallahassee DUI lawyer to handle your case.

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