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Criminal Defense For Tallahassee Community College Students

If you are a student at Tallahassee Community College or the parent of a TCC student, an attorney from Jansen & Davis, P.A., can provide you with legal assistance in the face of criminal, disciplinary, or academic dishonesty charges. The lawyers at our firm also represent TCC students during hearings concerning on and off-campus incidents.

When a student of Tallahassee Community College is faced with a legal situation, it is essential to seek legal support from our skilled and experienced defense attorneys to protect your future and maintain good standing.

Contact us today if you or your child is facing student misconduct charges arising from any of the following criminal activities:

Student hearings and other disciplinary and criminal proceedings can result in a college student being expelled, suspended, or evicted from a dorm room or residency hall. Permanent transcript notation might also be a consequence that could be devastating to a student’s future. For the best chance of avoiding penalties from both Tallahassee Community College and the state of Florida, speak to a TCC defense attorney about your situation.

TCC Student Resources And Academic Websites

For your own research purposes to verify the policies and procedures laud out by Tallahassee Community College, we’ve compiled a list of websites that provide such information. For any further explanations or to speak with us about your current concerns and situation, we are always available at 850-641-8739 to schedule free consultations.

Learn more about TCC here:

If you need a lawyer to handle a legal affair that related to TCC or the Florida criminal system, contact Jansen & Davis, P.A. for a free consultation. Call 850-641-8739 to get started.