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Explaining The Basics Of Drunk Driving Charges

For many people, a DUI allegation is their first serious interaction with law enforcement. Concerns about your freedom, your finances and your future are normal. What you need now are answers. Jansen & Davis, P.A., is a boutique criminal defense firm, and the attorneys of the firm have over 50 years of combined legal experience and thousands of successful cases to their name. At your first consultation, we can get into the specifics, but for now, let us start with common questions.

What should I expect from a first-time DUI?

Your defense begins the moment the police pull you over. You will be put under arrest and made subject to sobriety testing. The first moment you can, ask for an attorney. You will need to undergo initial arraignment, hearings and possibly trial. If found guilty, the court will not care if you have an otherwise clean record. You will face expensive fees, suspended licensure and possible jail time. Begin working with an attorney as soon as you can to ensure you are treated fairly.

Is there any way to fight a DUI charge?

There are many reasons you may choose to fight a DUI charge and many ways to pursue an effective defense. For instance, there may have been an issue with the sobriety testing in your case. Or perhaps the police may have unlawfully pulled you over. The attorneys of Jansen & Davis, P.A., will pursue a personally crafted legal strategy tailored to your unique case.

What happens if someone was hurt as a result of drunk driving?

Injuries are considered an “aggravating factor,” along with other things like property damage. In these cases, the corresponding punishments are higher and can mean additional criminal charges as well. These cases are particularly serious, and require experienced counsel from a proven lawyer.

Will I lose my license after a DUI conviction?

It is possible. A first-time DUI conviction could mean at least 180 days without a license. This increases substantially if you have repeat DUIs.

Can a DUI hurt my education or job prospects?

Yes. Many people face enormous scrutiny after a DUI conviction. For established workers, the time away from work alone can be enough to jeopardize their job. For students and younger persons, a conviction can mean they lose scholarships, financial aid or other college prospects. It can also derail or destroy a once-bright career path.

What do I do after I’m pulled over for drunk driving?

Exercise your Miranda rights. Do not say anything to the police. Instead, comply with any requests to take field sobriety tests, and request a lawyer as soon as you have the chance. One misstep could result in police having more evidence against you, so you always want legal representation by your side to protect your rights. Call us at 850-641-8739 for trusted legal advice.