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Criminal Defense FAQ

Answers From A Tallahassee Criminal Defense Lawyer

Our attorneys at Jansen & Davis, P.A., have focused on criminal defense for 70 years. With a thorough understanding of Florida criminal law, our firm knows what it takes to deliver the strongest possible defense. If you have questions about your charges or your criminal case, a Tallahassee criminal attorney from our team can provide the answers! Read through some of the most common criminal defense-related questions below before you call us at 850-641-8739 to request your free case evaluation.

Will I go to jail?

If you are arrested for your alleged offense, then you will be booked and placed in jail until your arraignment or until bail is posted. Some minor misdemeanors may only result in a fine upon conviction, particularly if you are granted probation. More serious crimes, however, will probably result in a jail or prison sentence upon conviction.

What is the national sex offender registry?

Individuals who have been found guilty of certain sex crimes are legally required to register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives. The sex offender registry places each sex offender’s photo, name, physical information, address, and their sex crime conviction(s) on a public list so anyone can look for sex offenders in the area where they live. Sex offenders are also restricted from living near schools, parks, and other areas where children regularly congregate.

What is the difference between state court and federal court?

State court handles all criminal cases that are not federal crimes. Federal offenses include crimes such as kidnapping, sex trafficking, federal drug trafficking, white collar crimes, fraud, and other serious crimes. Federal court cases require the representation of a criminal lawyer who is experienced in the local federal courts.

When should I hire a criminal defense attorney?

As soon as possible. Without a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side, your chances of successfully fighting your charges are very slim. You will have no control over which attorney represents you unless you hire your own. Do not hesitate to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney of your choice if you have been arrested for a crime of any kind.

Why hire Jansen & Davis, P.A.?

Our firm focuses solely on criminal defense and has a thorough understanding of Florida’s laws and your rights. Our lawyers can provide the personal attention and aggressive defense that you need during this difficult time. Do not take unnecessary risks with your personal freedom. Trust in Jansen & Davis, P.A., for the best defense in your case.

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