Tallahassee White Collar Crime Lawyer

Fraud and Financially-Motivated Offenses

Non-violent acts involving deception, typically known as white collar crimes, are commonly committed by a public official or person of business. Signs of a white collar crime normally involve a trail of evidence known as a "paper trail" that investigators use for prosecution of the case.

There are many different types of white collar crimes we can assist you with, including:

  • Bribery - occurs when someone gives or takes a bribe.
  • Embezzlement - the taking of someone's property by a person with whom it is entrusted.
  • Extortion - also known as blackmail.
  • Fraud - this often includes but is not limited to health care fraud and tax fraud.
  • Larceny - involves taking someone's property without paying for or returning it.
  • Price Fixing - an agreement between two parties to set prices for a certain product, thereby violating free market operations.
  • Racketeering - the extortion of money by force or a pattern of criminal activity committed to further interests of a criminal syndicate.

Theft, Regulatory Offenses, and Public Administration Crimes

White collar crimes can be further broken down into three typologies: theft crimes, crimes against public administration, and regulatory offenses. White collar crime is considered a form of theft when it involves things like embezzlement, which is stealing a business' money for one's own purposes. White collar crime can be a regulatory offense, say, when a broker violations a securities law that results in investors losing money, such as unfair trade practices. White collar crime can also be a crime against public administration when they fall under the umbrella of perjury or offering bribes.

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