Tallahassee Burglary Defense Attorney

If you have been arrested or are under investigation by Tallahassee area law enforcement for burglary or any related criminal offense, one of the most important things you can do to protect your future and freedom is to contact a Tallahassee criminal defense lawyer. You will need proper legal counsel for the best chance of avoiding serious penalties and a felony conviction, and acting quickly will allow your attorney to get started in developing a workable strategy.

Burglary Charges and Penalties in Tallahassee, FL

Burglary, often referred to as "breaking and entering", is a felony offense that involves unlawfully entering or remaining on another's property with the intent of committing theft or a felony offense. One key factor in a burglary case is the defendant's intent to commit a crime. Even if the intended offense is not carried out, the defendant may still face burglary charges for unlawfully entering another's property with the intention of committing the crime.

The penalties for burglary in the state of Florida will vary depending on the type of property entered, whether the defendant carried or used a weapon, and the defendant's criminal history. For example, burglary involving an occupied residence is typically a more serious charge than one involving an unoccupied dwelling. If the defendant carried or used a firearm or other deadly weapon, he or she may be at risk of facing harsh weapon-related penalties too.

Although you may feel that the prosecuting attorney has extensive evidence against you, there are ways an experienced criminal defense attorney can successfully challenge even the most complex burglary charges. Every situation is unique, and it takes extensive knowledge and a thorough review to determine the most effective course of action for your case.

For a confidential consultation regarding your case, contact a Tallahassee burglary lawyer at our law office. We can offer valuable insight and legal options.