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Many Florida A&M students are faced with serious legal situations each year. It is essential not to go at it alone when facing such serious issues, which includes hiring an experienced attorney to protect your freedom. At Jansen and Davis, P.A., our lawyers provide legal representation, guidance, and advice to FAMU students who are confronted with legal issues arising from criminal offenses and other violations having to do with the school. If you or your child has been accused of violating a student code of conduct, academic honor code, or residence hall regulation, a Florida A&M defense attorney from our firm may be able to help you.

The lawyers at our firm are thoroughly trained to handle any issue that may arise in a setting of higher education, and are familiar with the rules and regulations at Florida A&M. If you need assistance with any of the following types of criminal offenses, a FAMU defense lawyer will do their best to lead you toward a victorious outcome:

Our firm also offers a free consultation, so regardless of what your specific issue may be at FAMU, you should at least speak with one of our lawyers to find out what can be done for you. Your attorney may be able to address the university on your behalf to resolve whatever situation it is you may be facing. If criminal charges are involved, your lawyer will take the necessary measures to gather the evidence and information to prove your innocence so that you don't potentially suffer penalties including expulsion, suspension, probation, failure of an academic course, or termination of a housing contract.

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