Juvenile Defense Lawyer in Tallahassee

Is your minor child facing criminal allegations?

In dealing with juvenile charges, it is imperative to recognize that your child is innocent until proven guilty. It is in both you and your family's best interests to trust only in the experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney you deserve.

Our dedicated lawyers at Jansen and Davis, P.A. will work hard to have any charges against your child minimized, or dropped altogether. Our ultimate goal is to help your child succeed, give them a second chance, and hopefully, to avoid a life of further charges. We represent juveniles charged with any of the following types of crimes:

The above listed charges are extremely serious and present your child with some adult legal consequences. A juvenile should not pay forever for mistakes made as a minor. Hiring an experienced and aggressive Tallahassee criminal defense lawyer for representation on behalf of your child is the best first step toward winning your child's case.

It is unfair for poor decisions made as a child to negatively impact the rest of a person's life, and juveniles who are convicted of criminal offenses often experience many difficulties such as renting property, obtaining credit and loan approval, or even finding employment later in life.

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A lawyer from Jansen and Davis, P.A. will intervene now to help prevent any detrimental long-term consequences for your child's future. Contact a Tallahassee juvenile criminal defense attorney at Jansen and Davis, P.A. today!