Child Abuse Allegations

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Child abuse allegations happen every day. The frequency of these allegations makes it difficult to determine which are legitimate and which are false. Due to the severity of child abuse, all allegations are taken seriously. If you have been accused of child abuse, contact a Tallahassee criminal defense attorney at Jansen and Davis, P.A.

Attorney Tim Jansen handled the high profile Courson case. Courson faced charges of manslaughter regarding the death of his six-year-old daughter as well as sex with a minor charges that came later. We know how to handle child abuse allegation cases.

Consequences of Child Abuse Allegations

As a suspect in such case, your child or children could be removed from your care, you could lose custody or visitation rights, be arrested and jailed, have your name and reputation marred, get fired from your job, and lose your future career prospects.

If the case involves a sexual abuse allegation, you can have charges filed against you, and may eventually have your name added to a national registry of sexual predators to be labeled as a child sex offender. When facing such harsh penalties, it is essential to hire an experienced and aggressive attorney to defend your personal freedom.

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Though extremely difficult, these allegations must be faced head on. Your personal freedom, the life of your family, and ultimately your future, are all at stake. It is essential that you hire the best defense attorney available to help you avoid conviction. Jansen and Davis, P.A. can work hard to protect your rights and overcome your child abuse charges in Tallahassee. With 50 years of experience, our firm will work closely with you to devise an effective strategy in an effort to build the strongest possible defense for your case.

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