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The attorneys at Jansen and Davis, P.A. are frequently featured in the news for their involvement in high profile stories and legal distinctions. Below, get an overview of cases we have handled and results we have secured on behalf of our clients.

Jameis Winston Case

Karlos Williams Case

Jesus 'Bobo' Wilson Case

Woody Hildebrandt Case

Rocky Hanna Case

  • Hanna Becomes Whistle-Blower
    • Tim Jansen represented Leon County school administrator Rocky Hannah. In this article, The Tallahassee Democrat reports on Hanna's designation as a whistleblower.
  • Pons, School Board Facing Accusations
    • Tim Jansen represents Rocky Hanna against allegations that he was involved in misappropriating school construction project funds.

David Russell Courson Case

Logan Murphy Case

A.J. Graham Case

  • AJ Graham is Released
    • Tim Jansen represented former Godby High football star A.J. Graham in his armed robbery case. This Tallahassee Democrat article details how Graham was released on $26k bail.

Veltkamp and Conti Underage Drinking Case

  • Veltkamp Arrest
    • Attorney Tim Jansen represented Douglas Veltkamp, a saloon employee implicated in the death of an FSU student. Veltkamp was arrested on second degree misdemeanor charges at the prison.
  • Attorney: State Took Aim at Bar Unfairly
    • Attorney Tim Jansen expresses his outrage at the overzealousness of police who charged saloon employees with contributing to a delinquency of a minor.
  • Case Dropped Against Employees of Local Bar
    • The case against Florida saloon employees Veltkamp and Conti was dropped, reports The Tallahassee Democrat. Attorney Tim Jansen represented the two in this case.

Coach Mike Gillespie Sr. Case

  • Ex-FAMU Coach Gets Probation
    • Attorney Tim Jansen represented FAMU coach Mike Gillespie who ended up getting probation after pleading no contest to his stalking charge.
  • FAMU Coach Facing Stalking Allegations
    • FAMU coach Mike Gillespie is facing stalking charges. Attorney Tim Jansen is his defense attorney. This article discusses how there was no indication at the time that Gillespie would be fired.
  • FAMU's Gillespie Arrested
    • The Tallahassee Democrat featured a story on FAMU basketball coach Mike Gillespie who is facing stalking charges and has retained Attorney Tim Jansen for his defense.
  • Lawyer: Gillespie Blindsided
    • Three months after his arrest, FAMU basketball coach Mike Gillespie Sr. was let go. Attorney Tim Jansen represented Gillespie against his stalking allegations.
  • Coach Mike Gillespie Stalking Charges
    • Mike Gillespie, FAMU basketball coach, was facing stalking and harassment allegations. Attorney Tim Jansen represented Gillespie.

Lombardi FAMU Bombing Case

  • FAMU Bombing Trial Opens
    • Tim Jansen is representing Lawrence Lombardi who is accused of bombing Florida A&M University. This article recounts opening day of his trial.
  • Lombardi Bomb Trial Continues
    • The Tallahassee Democrat reports on another hearing in the Lombardi bombing case. Attorney Tim Jansen was the defense attorney in this case.
  • Lombardi FAMU Bombing
    • Another episode in the Lombardi bombing trial saga. Learn more about Attorney Tim Jansen's defense tactics in this case.
  • Lombardi Speaks Out, Denies Guilt
    • Attorney Tim Jansen's client, Lawrence Lombardi, speaks out and denies making and detonating the bomb that went off at Florida A&M University.
  • Lombardi Bomb Accusations
    • Lawrence Lombardi, an ex-Marine, was accused of racially-motivated bombings at FAMU. Attorney Tim Jansen represented Lombardi against these allegations.
  • 2 Bombs, 1 Life Term
    • The jury convicts Lombardi of twice bombing FAMU. He was sentenced to life in federal prison and another 30-year term.

Corey Fuller Case

  • Fuller Gambling Charges
    • Feature story of NFL Star Corey Fuller, who was facing illegal betting charges. Fuller was represented by Attorney Tim Jansen.
  • Fuller Acquitted
    • Corey Fuller, Baltimore Ravens defensive back, was acquitted of his gambling charges by a Florida jury. Fuller was represented by Attorney Tim Jansen.

Montrail Cook Case

  • Three Convicted on Lesser Charges in Beating
    • Attorney Tim Jansen represented Montrail Cook against his attempted murder charges after the beating and robbing of a Leon County man, resulting in a lesser charge of attempted voluntary manslughter.
  • Trial Could Go to Jury Today
    • Attorney Tim Jansen represented Montrail Cook against his attempted murder charges after the beating and robbing of a Leon County man.

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